Fire it Low

Going Low…Under a tree.

Last week I played in the comp with a client/friend who’s new to golf but will pick it up very quick. He played well for 34 points. One thing I noticed was how many shots he had in the trees. The wrong shot, or the wrong club. It would at least cost him 5-10 points. Knowing how to effectively utilise the shots at your disposal is key to shaving shots off your game.

Strategy.. I pretty much suggest this for most facets of your game, but you need to have a routine. Check your lie. Look for slopes. Where do you want to leave the ball.  Are you even good from 50 metres out?

Choose the Right Club..If your tossing up wether you can keep a 7 iron under a tree limb just take a 6 iron, heck maybe even the 5! You’re not going to make your round but you can sure turn a bogey into a triple.

The 7/10 Theory. I like to use this as I am naturally rather aggressive and keeps me in line a little. The theory is if I can’t make a shot 7/10 times confidently I won’t go for it. Access the risk and reward. Do you get two shots on this hole? Maybe the best shot is out backwards.


If you want to play the low punch through the trees, set up closer to a pitch shot than a full swing. Grip down the club and have the ball further back in your stance. This keeps your hands ahead of the ball through impact.

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