Chip/Pitch Shot

This week we are going to discuss a simple Chip/ Pitch shot. The way I describe the chip shot is when you DO NOT hinge your wrists on your backswing. Simply get in the right set up with ball back in stance and weight 60/40 on your front foot. From there just back and through (like a putting motion) letting your shoulders rock. As discussed last week with wedge play, the rhythm of this swing is so important. Make sure your confidently swinging through the golf ball.

Man taking a chip shot in golf

 (A great example of what I call the 50/50 chip shot)

Generally a chip shot can be anything from a 5 iron to a PW where you have plenty of green to work with. The goal of the chip shot is to get the ball rolling consistency and making the shot simple.

The pitch shot is a little bit more complicated. With the similar principles you are just adding hinge to your wrists on the way back to create the extra distance of your swing. You would do a pitch shot when you have 30-50 metres or have to add loft onto your shot.

The forgotten element of this is actually your strategy. First access the lie and then work out how much roll you need to get to the flag. Pick the type of shot and club, before fully committing to the shot.

Work on this, see your contact improve and then you can start really controlling your chip and pitch shots.

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